Here’s what our customers are saying

In my search for choosing the best software for my practice, I decided to purchase “Dental Hygienist Maxident” as it is specifically designed for Independent Dental Hygienists.

From the beginning, I encountered a great and very helpful staff, which tried their best to accommodate my needs and to work around my finances. They are very friendly people, and I feel that they are on my side all the time. They are part of MY team and they are helping me to be successful!

They are quick to answer your questions, quick to fix your problems.

I am so happy that I chose Maxident! Thank you, Maxident for everything!

Luminita Dica—Lumi’s Dental Hygiene Care


I was introduced to Maxident Software Systems 8 years ago. I purchased the Hygienist Maxident System for my Dental Hygiene Office and have supported this amazing company ever since. The software is always up to date. The company stays on the cutting edge of technology and business owners requests. Their support team are efficient and respond to all calls exponentially. Take time to call to see how to make your office and team the best it can be. I now offer training seminars for Dental Hygienists looking to be business owners and Maxident software systems are part of my course content when it comes to purchasing a system that fits dental hygiene needs.

Bev Woods—President at IDHA