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Why Hygienist MaxiDent

We know that you need your software solution to work, be easy to use, and to allow your practice to grow. We go a step beyond and provide a support system and customized training to suit your staff’s specific computer skill levels and needs. Find out why hygienists across the country chose Hygienist Maxident™ to get the most out of their clinic.

A powerful software solution that’s smart and easy on the eyes.
Hygienist MaxiDent™ is intuitive software that’s user friendly and functional. Designed from the bottom up with our Dental Smart Design™, the system incorporates unique features that allow a practice to run smoothly and grow. The format is easy to read and designed to maximize efficient patient and clinical information gathering and tracking.

A proven track record in the industry
Maxim Software has been serving the dental industry across Canada for 30 years. Our software engineers continue to help clinics and practices all over the country find the right software solution for their office!

Features and Functions

  • Maxident™ Practice Management is designed to help make your clinic more efficient by helping your staff automate routine tasks. This feature gives you the flexibility to communicate patient data to reception for the most accurate processing possible. Hygienist Maxident gives you the tools to expand your clinic while maintaining control of your patient information as you grow.
  • Exclusive Never-Lose-A-Patient™ Recall and Appointment System is a fail-safe system that keeps patients in rotation and has a “catch-all” to track patients without a recall on record.
  • MaxiCalc™ is a key feature that influences the accuracy for patient portion calculations, insurance policy coverage and deductibles, restrictions, policy anniversary dates and coverage allowances based on a calendar, fiscal and rolling year calculation.
  • Dental Smart Design™ – Hygienist MaxiDent’s one-screen colour-coded software design is intuitive and easy to use. Hygienist MaxiDent is expertly designed to guide the user through each process. All patient information such as digital images, electronic charting, and electronic documents are available in one click!
  • MaxiSave
    Automatically backs up your data every hour to give you an added layer of data security and protection. This is an extra safeguard built into Hygienist MaxiDent. Use it alongside your regular back-ups to ensure the integrity of your patient records.
  • Medical Alerts
    List patient medical alerts and the information will be processed through the entire system so all areas of the practice are aware of these important alerts.
  • Electronic Medical Record
    Instead of getting your patient to complete a paper questionnaire, use the EMR built into the system which is a tamper-proof electronic record. Capturing the patient’s e-signature will allow you to further authenticate the record.
  • Patient Icons
    List patients who are habitually late, make timely payments, are physically challenged, or include any other internal code your office might use to provide personal service and build your practice.
  • Prescription Writer
    Our prescription manager stores all potential prescriptions you might write in the office and allows you to keep track of all past prescriptions that you have written.
  • IM (Instant Messaging)
    This internal messaging system allows you to send instant messages over your network to notify clinicians that their next patient has arrived or to give other information.
  • Database Options
    Hygienist Maxident™ 6 is the only database independent system. We have a solution for small offices, large offices and even large hospital or university practices. Multiple offices? No problem!
  • Language Options
    English/French interface. Other language options will be added soon. Ask our friendly staff for more information.
  • Document Manager
    Learn how to go paperless using this great new feature. Store every document electronically – any file, any type, any time.
  • Notes
    Notes galore: Ledger notes, chart notes, ledger item notes, appointment notes and more.
  • Color coding
    Yes, Hygienist MaxiDent is one of the only systems that uses colors throughout the program making organization easy and efficient.
  • User Accounts
    Set user access, user account restrictions, automatic user logs and more.
  • Increased Security
    Security is number one with Hygienist Maxident.
  • Customizable reports
    Build your own customized reports simply and easily with a wide variety of user-friendly options.
  • Customizable Ledger Views
    Choose your view by easily customizing the screens, colours and much more.
  • Customizable Search
    We make finding patient records quick and easy with our customizable search options allowing you to find patient records in just a few seconds.
  • Tertiary Insurance
    Only Hygienist MaxiDent can handle more than four policies per patient, including more than one self policy allowing you to gather more patient information.
  • Rolling Year Calculations
    MaxiCalc can calculate your patient coverage for you. It’s automatically reset using fiscal, calendar or rolling year anniversary calculations.
  • Drag and drop ledger
    Point. Click. Save. It’s that easy!
  • Automatic Redistribution
    Ever have to redistribute charges or payments? It’s a cinch with Hygienist Maxident.
  • Executive Practice Reports
    Smart reports for hygienists who want to make the most of their practice. Learn how efficient your office is operating with these practice statistics in easy to understand reports.

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