Digital Signature


MaxiSign™ Electronic Signature Capture Device is a tool that you can use to authenticate specific entries in the database capturing signatures of patients or hygienists.


Features and Functions


  • Use MaxiSign™ when authenticating the EMR (Electronic Medical Record)
    Using this device to capture the patient’s signature authenticates the accuracy of the data and electronically “stamps” the entry in your database.
  • Use MaxiSign™ with the Treatment Plan Manager
    The equivalent authenticity occurs as above when the patient approves a treatment plan. You store the signature electronically.
  • Use MaxiSign™ with the Prescription Writer
    When issuing a prescription for your patient, the hygienist signs the prescription that prints from MaxiDent 6. This e-signature authenticity is another level of protection for your patients, practice and neighborhood pharmacies.
  • Sign-off on a treatment plan or progress notes
    This protects the clinic’s records if the regular hygienist is not present. It is especially important if there is a contract hygienist, associate, or locum.

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