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Hygienists who want a “no strings attached” approach to buying digital equipment should evaluate MaxiViewer. Certain dental supply companies have product line exclusivity or want hygienists to choose from only the equipment brands or software they sell.

Maxim Software is an independent company who is not in the business of selling digital equipment. Software specialists are experts who know how to govern imaging software. Equipment specialists or sales reps cannot.

MaxiViewer allows you to bring together any number of brands of equipment and use them in your office. Hygienists that prefer to use different brands or multiple types of sensors, cephs, pans etc, can. MaxiViewer is a smart, long-term strategic solution because over the course of your career, if digital equipment companies change, you are able to buy any new brands, plug it into MaxiViewer and continue on.

MaxiViewer is a fully integrated with Maxident 6 and operates with all of the major brands of digital equipment, including digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras, scanners, regular digital cameras, video devices and phosphorus plates.

Features and Functions


  • MaxiViewer will enhance and display all of your dental images. It will work along with phosphor plate systems flatbed scanners, AND your full color images from intra-oral and extra-oral cameras and most other digital sources. All images are organized into your patient database.
  • MaxiViewer is state-of-the-art, open architecture digital dental x-ray software.This is a key benefit as sharing images over your network will be easy, secure and comply with digital imaging regulations.
  • Got film? You may use virtually any TWAIN-compliant scanner. The only other requirement is that you must have a transparency adapter or film scanner to scan films.
  • MaxiViewer Imaging incorporates the latest advancements in imaging technology and MaxiViewer’s Secure Tagged Block file format, an unmodifiable, secure and “loss-less” imaging format. MaxiViewer Imaging also exports to a number of generic image file formats, including TIFF (.tif) and JPEG(.jpg) for universal viewing.
  • MaxiViewer is the front office solution, too.It duplicates films, creates referral letters and treatment plans and stores them in Maxident.

Hardware Specifications

The hardware specification PDF is available for download


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