Digital Charting


MaxiChart is a powerful electronic charting program, designed to make your charting easier and more accurate than ever. Comprehensive MaxiChart fully integrates with MaxiDent to generate electronic restorative and periodontal diagrams with efficiency and speed that manual charting simply does not allow.

MaxiChart provides convenience and precision that only electronic charting can provide. MaxiChart automatically converts your charted treatment or treatment plans into procedure codes, so there is no error in data entry at your front reception desk. Default codes are set, but if you need to change the code, you can do that quickly and easily! For example, if your scaling today was 3 units instead of 2 units, you can change the procedure code to properly reflect treatment and price.

Features and Functions


Point and Click Charting
All of your patient information is just a click away. Using standard exam tools, you can chart existing, treatment or treatment plans and enter periodontal conditions quickly and easily.

  • Professional Charts – Every Time
    Create professional, consistent charts every time.  MaxiChart stores its data in an easy-to-read format.
  • Versatile Treatment Planning
    Review the best options for your patients’ oral health, and present more than one treatment plan to them. Print plans for them to take home and review.
  • Hands-Free Perio Charting
    Hands-free Perio charting that works! Use the Dental RAT®, which is a specialized foot-pedal designed by a Hygienist for Hygienists! It’s built for rapid data entry to make electronic charting fast, easy and accurate.
  • More data security and integrity
    Data is date and time stamped, tamper-proof and it cannot be deleted or modified without the changes being recorded.
  • More space for clinical notes
    You have more writing surface per surface, per tooth and per quadrant than manual notes.
  • Better Time Management for dentists
    During your busy day, you do not always have time to complete your charts or notes before the next patient.  MaxiChart allows you to make shorthand notes during the examination and expand on the case later.  MaxiChart will even allow you to print a list of patients that have uncommitted notes to ensure that you have not forgotten to record anything for their file.
  • Charting Standardization Processes
    Use MaxiChart to outline for your patients what treatment is recommended.  Allowing patients to see their images and treatment plan helps them to understand your recommendations.
  • Improved patient education
    Use MaxiChart to show your patient what treatment is required.  Backup your diagnosis with actual images, if you have a camera.  Let your patients see the high-quality images for themselves.
  • More versatility
    MaxiChart allows you to use the input device of your choice, including wireless Tablet PCs, laptops, touch-screen monitors, a hands-free mouse, and sterile keyboards.

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