Meet our Team

Alex Zlatin


As CEO, Alex Zlatin helps struggling dental professionals take control of their practices and reach the next level of success with responsible leadership strategies. Leveraging over 13 years of management and consulting experience, he empowers organizations to become more productive and profitable based on the belief that successful businesses establish a genuine connection with employees, patients, and vendors. Alex volunteers his time and expertise with various professional organizations, has launched the Dental Office Managers Association of Canada and is the author of Responsible Dental Ownership: Balancing ethics and business through purpose available on Amazon.

Chieu Quach

As the head of MaxiDent’s technology and production team, Chieu brings over a decade of solid industry and technical experience to the task of insuring that MaxiDent maintains its position at the forefront of practice management software providers. In overseeing the development of all new software features and components, Chieu maintains strong lines of communication with both the technical support department and MaxiDent users to ensure that all MaxiDent software continues to meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.

Cindy Shewchook


Cindy has been with MaxiDent for over twenty-five years, managing administrative functions, all the financials, and ensuring departments are functioning smoothly. She is friendly, kind, dedicated, and well-known point of contact for all our clients. Integral to our success, she provides each of our clients with 110% at every level of service.

Monica Trimble

Executive Assistant

Monica started with MaxiDent in the Training / Implementation Manager department and has grown into the position as Alex’s Executive Assistant, while working more directly with the team at our office for everything from Marketing, to Implementation and Support. Her strong organizational skills and creative problem-solving continues to help both client offices and the MaxiDent office to run smoothly. For over ten years Monica has helped offices become fully functional in MaxiDent and she continues to be a resource for them while focusing more on coordinating behind the scenes at our head office.

Noel Barlaan

Hygienist Business Advisor

With over a decade in providing exceptional service to our clients, Noel has expanded into a Business Advisor role. He believes that every business is unique and as such, listening to every client in order to fully comprehend the nature of their business and goals is key. It is only through this process that Noel is providing invaluable advice and assists his clients in achieving milestones and reaching their goals. Through his extensive knowledge and a genuine curiosity, he is helping hundreds of clients with their daily business challenges.

Blair Petrachek

Software Development Manager

Blair holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and a specialization in Databases, Datamining, and Software Engineering. As the head of the Development Team, he is integral to the architecture and design of MaxiDent and is responsible for the software’s Development Process and Lifecycle. Blair and his team of experts are key in our overall strategy to offer our customers a top quality software program in Canada and internationally.